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Back story

J Gem Investment Jeweller has been serving the community for 31 years by designing custom jewellery of the highest quality and workmanship. John and Lisa Zarewicz and their team offer award-winning designs and manufacture on site in their studio.
John and Lisa offer all their services in a professional and friendly manner, bringing their customers back year on year.

In addition to designing custom jewellery, John’s interests are travelling, working on cars, taking his grandson to the football and skiing.

John, Master Jeweller, at the workbench

Designing custom jewellery

J Gem Investment Jeweller designs and makes a significant proportion of the jewellery sold in their store. Clients wishing to commission a piece of jewellery are assisted with suggestions and ideas on style and suitability. Years of design experience together with an extensive design library is harnessed to bring each customer a jewellery masterpiece that is unique and individual. Engagement and wedding rings are especially popular.

John, with 40 years’ experience, is a Master Jeweller in gold, silver, other precious metals, making and manufacturing, opal cutting and polishing.

Many of the pieces that have been created are part of John’s natural collection of opals that he has personally mined, cut and polished and made into beautiful jewellery pieces.

Hand-selected diamonds from your local Antwerp Diamond Broker

Customers can take advantage of John and Lisa’s expertise as Antwerp Diamond Brokers. Travelling regularly to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, John and Lisa are able to act as a “personal broker” selecting and buying diamonds with significant savings on retail prices. From the enormous choice of top-quality diamonds available, John and Lisa can locate the perfect diamond matching the customer’s specifications on size, shape, quality and price.

Being an Antwerp Diamond Broker is possible because J Gem Investment Jeweller is a member of Nationwide Jewellers buying group. John and Lisa have access to Antwerp’s leading diamond cutters and save hefty importer and distributor costs.

J Gem Investment Jeweller has won awards for designing custom jewellery. Custom made pieces suit the client’s taste and lifestyle, whether they are made in gold, silver, diamonds or gemstones.

Re-modelling, repairs and remakes

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries. Whether worn daily or just for special occasions, whether a gift, a personal purchase or an heirloom, jewellery will, over time, wear and require the attentions of a skilled jeweller.

J Gem Investment Jeweller can restore heirlooms to their former glory and remodel old, dated, damaged or unwanted jewellery into a new piece. They can use existing gemstones to create a new setting or remodel a ring into a brooch, pendant or earrings.
All items left with J Gem Investment Jeweller are handled with extreme care and are fully covered by insurance whilst in their care.

Other services

J Gem Investment Jeweller offers a range of services including:

• Custom design and manufacture
• Jewellery repairs
• Watch repairs
• Insurance replacement
• Valuations


• Really friendly service, such creative and stunning designs, experienced craftsman. (D.B. August 2017)
• When you want high quality in both service and product, this is the place to go. Fantastic jewellers. (H.S. August 2017)


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J Gem Investment Jeweller is a qualified member of Custom Design Jewellers Australia™, with the experience, skills and expertise to design and manufacture a wide range of precious jewellery items for their customers.

For more info on custom design jewellery, click here.

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