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Back story

Corinne Knoll began her career as a 15-year-old casually working on the weekends in her parents’ jewellery store in Carrum Downs. Inspired by her parent’s abilities, this experience ignited a passion within her to follow a career in the jewellery industry. Corinne spent years becoming an accomplished professional, studying and working within the industry and wasn’t satisfied until she understood most facets of the trade. In 2010, Corinne wanted to create a store that expressed her values that she had always believed in and desired in a jewellery store; Service and Quality. Corinne’s passion for custom diamond jewellery puts her at the forefront of design.

Passionate about custom diamond jewellery

“My ultimate passion is to provide each client with a stunning piece that exceeds expectations. It’s been my mantra from the very beginning. To provide a design and make experience that the client remembers fondly every time they look at their beautiful piece of jewellery. I don’t make pieces that are going to be out of style in a year or two or worn out in ten years. I make heirloom pieces that your children will hopefully be fighting over.” – Corinne Knoll


“I personally select all the gems before the job even gets started. Being a gemmologist and a diamond technician means that I can sort through all the average pieces I think will be unsuitable for the job before presenting the best options for my client. This is to ensure they are getting exactly what they want from the look of the stone.

We then use several methods to accomplish the desired result for the client, including some pieces we create using cutting edge computer technology, where I design it on the computer, 3D-print it out for the client to check over the dimensions and style. After this, we either have it hand-made or cast, depending on the client’s requirements.

For some pieces with special requirements, I hand draw the design for the client to see before getting the item hand made. It really depends on the requirements of the job and the client.”

– Corinne Knoll

Remodelling and remaking

Jewellery that is sitting in a drawer because it is no longer enjoyed may be brought to Corinne and her team to be remodelled into a future heirloom the client is proud to wear.

Hand-picked diamonds from Antwerp

Corinne is expertly trained in diamond selection. In 2003, she was taken under the wing of an American diamond importer to grade and select diamonds, before being invited to visit diamond houses in Antwerp, Belgium. Corinne has since travelled to Antwerp several times, personally meeting the most famous diamond cutter in the world, Gabi Tolkowsky, in his office in Antwerp.

“He truly is the unicorn of the jewellery world. Gabi has cut three of the most important Diamonds in our lifetime, The Centenary, The Golden Jubilee and the Pink Sunrise. There are few people in the world that ever get to meet with him in the office he has held throughout his life, let alone discuss the cutting process he employed while cutting the world’s largest D, flawless diamond. It is a memory I will never forget.” – Corinne

This gives Corinne the unique ability to call on a variety of suppliers when fulfilling a client’s request, giving them the opportunity to create their vision.

“We’re literally taking someone’s dreams and making them into a reality. There’s a significant responsibility we feel for making the very best piece we can.” – Corinne

Who will craft my piece?

Once the design is completed, Jewels of Eden’s jeweller Steven Kelly, who has been a goldsmith for many years and has worked in many high-end jewellery workshops, will create and finish the handmade piece so that it is looking its best. He produces a beautiful, strong product that will last for years. Computer designed pieces are also assembled and highly polished by Steven. He prides himself on his work and doesn’t take shortcuts to create or repair jewellery. Jewels of Eden’s gem setter has said many times, that “Steven’s quality is excellent and not many people make (jewellery) like Steven”.

What does all this mean for clients?

At Jewels of Eden, clients are not just dealing with a salesperson; they have an expert in the industry, guiding the process of design and always looking after clients’ interests. There is so much importance in having an informed team that can guide clients with the best possible solutions in creating the best possible piece for each client. Using their extensive network of high-quality suppliers means that Jewels of Eden have access to excellent quality materials. This ensures that their clients walk away happy with their quality vision created.

With over 50 years of customer service between everyone at Jewels of Eden, clients always walk out with the perfect piece whether it is a branded item or a hand-made bespoke piece. Corinne’s hand-picked team ensure that they can help with any enquiry.


  • “My mum (from Shepparton) won’t go to any other jeweller! Corrine & staff always look after us so well! Why would we go anywhere else?” (Dec 2017)
  • “Corinne is the best. Very clever at design and what works. My ring is the most beautiful thing in the world. The personal service is outstanding and so is the staff. Highly recommend.” (Oct 2017)
  • “Corinne, Emma & staff are helpful friendly & enthusiastic about jewellery. They genuinely care about their customers. On many occasions I have wandered into the store needing a present for someone or just browsing and I always find something assisted by the girls. I highly recommend Jewels of Eden to my friends & family.” Caroline 2019
  • ” I had a remodel of my wedding rings by Jewels of Eden into a divorce ring It is more than I was even hoping for, absolutely love it! The experience I had was 100% positive.Everyone there is so welcoming, understanding and lovely. I would definitely recommend them for anything from a question, purchase to remodel. Thanks xxx” Luana Dec 2018
  • “Corinne and the girls at Jewels of Eden always welcome you with a warm smile and cheerful greeting. I’ve been in store and not been able to find the piece I was after and Corinne tracked it down for me without any trouble or hesitation. Corinne’s handmade work is so beautiful and is one of my most treasured possessions. I certainly couldn’t recommend the team highly enough!!” Christie June 2019

Other services

Jewels of Eden offers a range of services including:
• Jewellery repairs
• Watch repairs
• Bead and pearl re-threading
• Jewellery insurance
• Valuations


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