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Creating bespoke unique jewellery

Back story

Michael Bench, the owner of Melville Jewellers, has over 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry following on from his father before him. Michael qualified at the Birmingham (England) School of Jewellery and Silversmithing and has a passion for the creation of bespoke unique jewellery. His work has taken him to Bermuda and now Australia.

Michael at the work bench

Jewellery My Way – Michael’s own branded designs

Inspired by a beautiful tree growing beside an ancient cottage on the Isle of Man, (Michael’s family has lived there for generations), Michael has developed a range of jewellery based on Celtic and Manx culture. Every stone of the Cottage side wall is a different size, shape and colour, magically assembled, to produce a perfect wall from seemingly imperfect stone; it is a grand back drop for this Tree of life or ‘Mighty Oak’. Many cultures around the world have recognised the symbolism of the tree of life. In Australia, various aboriginal tribes recognise the Boab trees as their symbol of wisdom, knowledge and circle of life.

Inspiration for the “Tree of Life” pendant and the “Jewellery My Way” brand.

The roots of the tree form endless knots, symbolic of never ending life and love and connection to the earth. The tree is supported and nourished by the soil and absorbing the light and energy of the sun for endless growth and life. The trunk is of course the pillar of strength.

From this inspiration, the “Tree of Life” pendant was created. The Celtic, Infinity and Tree of Life jewellery form Michael’s own brand, Jewellery My Way (JMW). Together these designs are valued for their quality, intricacy and “beauty with meaning”.

The JMW range includes a large range of earrings, including sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated silver, rose gold, two tone and elegant pearl earrings. Many have matching pendants.

Bespoke unique jewellery

Melville Jewellers is proud that their unique designs bring new ideas to life for their customers.
In addition to the Jewellery My Way designs, Michael designs and makes engagement rings, dress rings, earrings and all other jewellery items. Handmade and CAD (computer aided design) pieces are available in all metals including Platinum, 18 carat or 9 carat White and Yellow Gold in combination, and Yellow Gold settings.

All cuts of diamonds and gemstones are available for new jewellery pieces and for re-designs (re-makes).

Other services

Melville Jewellers offer a range of services including:
• Jewellery repairs
• Engraving
• Watch repairs and battery replacement
• Rhodium plating
• Pearl rethreading
• Valuations


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