Taking Care of Jewellery

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Protect your investment in fine quality jewellery by learning more about the materials used to craft these valuable pieces.  The properties of gemstones and metals are different so you need to know the best ways of taking care of jewellery.

In this way you will enjoy your fine quality jewellery for years to come.

Take Diamonds for instance:

Diamonds are 10 on the MOHS scale (measure of hardness), and will not scratch. However  diamonds will chip on the girdle where they are most vulnerable. So, generally speaking they should not be worn when doing household chores and definitely not when doing the gardening!  Taking care of jewellery is vital.

What’s in the booklet?

Our 16 page booklet “Care & Cleaning of Fine Quality Jewellery” contains advice on how best to clean, and look after jewellery, with specific information on caring for :

  • Metals – platinum, gold and silver
  • Gemstones – pearls, emeralds, opals, jade and organic gemstones

HOw can I get a free booklet?

Visit any member of Custom Design Jewellers Australia™ to collect your “Care & Cleaning of Fine Quality Jewellery” booklet for FREE.

Where can I buy fine quality custom jewellery?

Visit any member of Custom Design Jewellers Australia™ to find an experienced local jeweller to discuss your jewellery needs.